Our Services

At EPI Communications Consultants, we provide value added engineering services to our clients. We begin with the end in mind. We plan the build and build the plan, carefully managing scope, schedule and budget.

Our goal is that our client is never surprised by actual results at the end of a project. We focus on a method of using “building blocks.” We build early deliverables with the intent of using them through implementation and then integrating the final product into the client’s operations.

  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Telecommunications Network and Systems Design
  • Telecom System Loan Applications
  • Project Management
  • Computer Aided Drafting
  • Geographic Information Services (GIS)
  • Telecommunications Mapping and Records Conversions
  • Telecommunication Route Survey/ Construction Planning
  • Rights-Of-Way Permitting
  • Plans & Specifications Preparation
  • Management of Bid Process and Bid Evaluation
  • Contract Administration
  • Construction Management Services

Our Process

Our objective is to maximize our value to our clients by:

  • Keeping the project on track through clear identification of goals and objectives, reviewing progress against those objectives through the life of the project.
  • Eliminating unnecessary steps, repetition, and activities that don’t contribute value to the final product.
  • Minimizing the number of individuals in the engineering team to improve efficiency.
  • Billing by role and not by title.
  • Managing the work and communicating clearly with our client to allow prudent decisions to be made.